Breakfast hours of waffles restaurants in the country!

Waffles are not like Burgers or Sandwiches that you would like to consume daily in the morning. But at least once in a while, you would wish to have waffles for breakfast and that brings in a new energy in you that you have at least tried something new to break your boring routine. And guess what, having sweet or chocolate waffles is a good thing to do because it makes your day start happily and positively.

So, how do you know what time you can get waffles for breakfast? Here is a compilation of some of the famous waffles joints in the country.

Waffle House:

One of the most popular waffle joints in the country, waffle house restaurants are open 24 hours a day. You can go in at any time of the day and enjoy your favorite waffles at any time of the day.

If you haven’t had a taste of their menu, here you go. Waffle house menu is something you can look for to have a great time and food for breakfast.

To know more about Waffle house menu, click here


Though Biscuitville is primarily a fast casual chain of restaurants with focus more on Biscuits and Sandwiches, their Waffles are a big hit too. That is the reason they brought back the waffle food for breakfast, especially the Sausage, Egg and Cheese waffles that were once so popular. 

If you want to have an early breakfast, then Biscuitville is the place to go. They open as early as 5 AM but close as soon as 2 PM post noon.

More on Biscuitville menu here

There are so many other waffle joints in the country and I am listing them in the below table.

RestaurantLocationBreakfast Time
Waffle WindowPortland, OR8 AM – 2 PM
Bru’s WaffleLos Angeles, CA8 AM – 2 PM
Atypical Waffle CoSan Diego, CA8 AM – 2 PM
The Waffle BusHouston, TX8 AM – 2 PM
Tasty WaffleIllinois6 AM – 4 PM
Waffle WayGrapevine, TX7 AM – 2 PM

These are some of the unique and locally famous waffle restaurants, and there are much more too. Try having some great waffles here and let us know if you liked them.